High Energy Corn Fiber w/ Solubles

HE Fiber with Solubles, HE Fiber + S is a mixed feed product obtained from the mechanical separation of fiber from liquified corn grain slurry enzymatically treated to hydrolyze starch from a process of ethanol production. This product is rich in residual yeast proteins, energy, minerals, vitamins and growth factors. HE Fiber + S is highly palatable to livestock. It is a good all-natural protein and energy source for ruminants. The simple sugars are a key component in combination with corn and alfalfa based dairy rations providing an improved source of energy for rumen microbes over corn and alfalfa alone rations. Another advantage of HE Fiber + S is the product contains a very soluble and highly fermentable fiber, making it an excellent source for Dairy cattle. With the inclusion of HE Fiber + S in Beef cattle growing and finishing rations, the simple sugars, soluble and highly fermentable fiber provide an excellent source of energy without the need to add additional starch, reducing the risk of rumen acidosis.

Yeast Enriched High Protein Dried Distillers Grains

Yeast Enriched High Protein Dried Distillers Grains, Hi Pro DDG is the feed product obtained after distillation of the ethyl alcohol from the yeast fermentation of corn. The fiber is mechanically separated from the liquified corn grain prior to fermentation, resulting in a higher protein feed product. The coarse fraction of the whole stillage is separated by centrifugation. The feed is rich in cereal and residual yeast proteins, energy, minerals, vitamins and growth factors. Fermentation of the starch, which is about 2/3 of the weight of cereal grains, results in a three-fold concentration of non-starches such as proteins, fats, mineral and vitamins in the residual mash. In addition to these nutrients, protein, vitamins, and growth factors are further synthesized by the growing yeast cells during the fermentative process. The condensed solubles are not added onto the HiPro DDG unlike conventional DDG’s. The fat percentage level is retained from the corn kernel composition and considered to be a bound fat. HiPro DDG is an excellent protein and energy source for all ruminants and can readily comprise 15 – 20% of the total ration dry matter.

Corn Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles

CDDGS is a flaky granular feed that is golden yellow.  It is 8% -11% moisture.  This is the remainder of the corn kernel after the starch is converted to ethyl alcohol during the fermentation process. CDDGS feed is utilized in cattle, hogs and poultry diets. CDDGS works well in any ration with easy flow ability characteristics, high levels of protein, fat, energy and micro-nutrients. The dry feed is shipped by truck into local feed markets and on rail into coastal Pacific Northwest markets.

Corn Distillers Modified Grains with Solubles

CDMGS are similar to CDDGS with the exception of a higher moisture content. The CDMGS are 56% in moisture content, making this feed better suited to cattle rations, because it allow producers to utilized lesser quality feed stuffs. Due to the higher moisture content, the majority of this feed is shipped within 100 miles of Redfield Energy.

Corn Condensed Distiller’s Solubles

Corn Condensed Distiller’s Solubles, better known as syrup is a liquid that remains after majority of the solids are spun off using the centrifugation and become either CDDGS or CDMGS. This liquid is added onto the CDDGS & CDMGS during the drying process. However, the excess product is also sold in the liquid syrup form to livestock feeders. This product is use in rations to moisten dry feed stuffs such as hay.

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